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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

5:14 a.m., Tuesday.

Just a few quick notes, then I'm gonna go to bed. (Or, more accurately, I'll go to couch. Dagmar's in bed and I hate to disturb her when she's sleeping. She reminds me of a cat when she sleeps - completely, 100%, utterly content and relaxed. It's a thing to behold.)

Things have been busy lately! The Smokin' Clams had two gigs this past weekend, which kept us hopping. Guitarist Monte Erickson got a phone call during the gig Saturday night - his wife went into labor. So he skeedaddled on back to Sioux City, and the rest of us finished the gig the best we could. A healthy Eric Robert Erickson was born Sunday. Both Dagmar and I are all excited... It's just plain cool.

Dagmar was away to a conference most of last week - I'm happy she's home again!

I'm on day 23 without a cigarette. It's getting easier, but it still seems like I spend the majority of each day struggling. I imagine I'll be fairly normal again by Halloween...

Too tired to think, really. (Not that I think much when I'm alert, actually...) More later!


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