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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Party for Small Government

Do we want more of the same?

National debt when Jimmy Carter arrived at the White House: $660 billion.
Added during Carter's four years: $337 billion.
Added during Ronald Reagan's eight years: $1.6 trillion.
Added during George H. W. Bush's four years: $1.6 trillion.
Added during Bill Clinton's eight years: $1.5 trillion.
Added during George W. Bush's seven years, nine months: $4.5 trillion.

Portion of the $9.5 trillion added to the national debt during the past 31 years and seven months that came during Republican presidencies: $7.7 trillion.

Percentage of that $7.7 trillion added during George W. Bush's two terms: 58%.

(Numbers courtesy of Meteor Blades on Daily Kos. I have NOT verified the figures.)


Blogger SkylersDad said...

Pretty soon we are going to get a visit from somebody with a baseball bat saying "You knows, yous gots that 4.7 large yous owe us?"

2:26 PM  

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