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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh for goodness sake...

Please, when you see a funeral procession, pull over to the side of the road. Please. And please do NOT try to cut through the procession, no matter how much of a hurry you're in...

I just saw a news snippet that a soldier in Tennessee died. During the funeral procession to the cemetery, which included the Patriot Guard Riders, some lady tried to cut through the procession, putting a motorcyclist in the hospital (and most likely totaling an expensive bike).

Motorcycles do NOT stop or turn faster than cars -- especially when they're in a funeral procession.

I've had this nearly happen to me here in Sioux City, too. If you're so busy you need to cut through a funeral procession to get to where you gotta be, it might be time for you to take stock of how you're living your life.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Things I'm pondering lately...

I design most of my sites based on tables with an external CSS style sheet attached. Some people use div tags combined with internal CSS code almost exclusively to get the same result. Anyone know which is better? I'm good at working with tables, and I suck with divs. I'm slowly learning how to hand code div tags, but I don't know how much time I should spend learning this particular method...

I just checked, and Blogger uses div tags where I'd use old-fashioned br tags... And, I got an error when I went to post this, saying "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed: DIV" Hmmm. Seems divs might not be so bullet-proof.

I got to play with the Sioux City renowned Smokin' Clams last Saturday. I played with the Clams for years and years in the early-mid oughts. It was fun to be able to play in their "reunion gig." We had people fly in from Washington State, Texas, and a few other places just to play the one gig. It was a fun band to be in, and it was fun to see everyone again last Saturday!

What a cold spell. We've been seeing -25, in some places near here -30 temps. It's warmed up to -15 now... Wouldn't be quite so bad, except it keeps snowing. Blich.

I hear one more conversation start, "Yeah, it's a bit chilly out there, huh" followed by the inevitable "Yep, kinda brisk, ain't it," I'm gonna strangle 'em both. When you get below eight or ten degrees, it's just plain cold. When you get down under ten below, it's real cold.

Oddly, I'm hearing complaints from friends of mine in other parts of the country as well, and I don't feel the need to compete. "Man, it got down to 38 degrees last night!" Well, we'd need to warm up 53 degrees just to get UP to 38 degrees... But if you're used to sixty, thirty-eight is downright cold. It's all relative; it's all what you're used to...

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